10 must-know AI tools other than ChatGPT

1. Chatbase

Chatbase is an AI chatbot builder, it lets you create a custom GPT chatbot that knows your data. Just upload a pdf or a link to your website and get a chatbot that can answer any question on it.

Create your own chatbot similar to ChatGPT from any PDF.

Ask questions, and chat with your personalized bot.

2. Otter AI

Otter.ai is an artificial intelligence-powered transcription and note-taking platform. It uses AI to take notes for you in your meetings, machine learning algorithms to transcribe audio recordings and generate searchable, editable, and shareable text transcripts.

Otter.ai has several features that make it useful for individuals and businesses. These include:

  1. Real-time transcription: Otter.ai can transcribe audio recordings in real-time, making it useful for taking notes during meetings, lectures, and interviews.
  2. Accurate transcription: Otter.ai uses machine learning to improve transcription accuracy over time, making it more reliable than traditional transcription methods.
  3. Collaboration: Otter.ai allows users to share transcripts with others and collaborate in real-time, improving team productivity and communication.
  4. Integrations: Otter.ai integrates with various productivity tools, such as Zoom, Dropbox, and Google Drive, making it easy to import and export audio recordings and transcripts.
  5. Mobile app: Otter.ai has a mobile app that allows users to record and transcribe audio on the go, making it convenient for busy professionals.

Overall, Otter.ai is a powerful tool for anyone who needs to transcribe audio recordings and take notes quickly and accurately.

3. Kaiber

Kaiber is a video generation engine that enables users to create beautiful videos from their own images or text description in minutes.

It offers features such as Spotify Canvas for musicians, inspiration for artists, content for creators, and fun for futurists, allowing them to express themselves in a unique way and push the bounds of AI tools.

Kaiber is free to use and requires no credit card.

4. Replit Ghostwriter

Replit Ghostwriter is an AI pair programmer that helps you write better code, faster.

Discover everything you wanted to know about using it to make your programming faster, better and more fun.

5. Imagine Me

ImagineMe is a new AI system that lets you generate stunning art of yourself from a simple text description. Anything you can imagine. Really. Anything. Creating art of ourselves has never been as easy, affordable, and magical as it is today on ImagineMe.

6. GPTZero

Detect AI written text plagiarism using multiple metrics.

7. Mixo

Launch your business idea in seconds with AI.

8. Quickvid

Create YouTube shorts 10x faster with AI.

9. Sumly AI

AI-generated podcast summaries delivered straight to your inbox.

10. Brainfish

Improve your businesses customer support with AI.

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