When it comes to marketing it is how powerfully you can influence your target audience and if it is digital marketing then you need to gather the online audience on a single platform to make a better impression and market your product effectively.

There are several ways to market your product digitally but one of the finest and leading ways is to market your product through webinars where you can distinctly and justly market your product and thus when it comes to an all-in-one webinar platform for conducting meetings smoothly with convenience then there is no other best choice than WebinarJam.

It is an exceptional platform that offers a plethora of features to help you conduct a webinar smoothly and securely with comfort.

Best Webinar Platform


Now let’s dive into the features of this amazing software.

1. Huge no. of attendees:

With this feature, webinar jam overcomes the issue of the limited number of participants.

It not only allows up to 5000 attendees at a time but also lets you have up to 6 presenters at a time so that you don’t have to switch on and off your presentation each time someone else has to present.

2. Automated Recordings:

Do you wish to share the meeting recording among your peers?

If yes then with a single click you can start the automatic recording of the session and get the exact replica of the live meeting with all presentations, conversations, and chats in time.

The Replica Replay feature mimics the events like popups, chats exactly at the time it took place in live meeting to give you the exact feel of the live meeting.

3. Live Chat :

A silent meeting can set in boredom.

Being in continuous conversation with your attendees makes them engaged and stay connected.

The Live Chat feature comes in handy at this point.

You can make communications either privately or publicly and even pin the important messages so that everyone can have a look at it and moreover messages can also be highlighted.

4. Flexible Scheduling :

Marketing a product may require setting up a meeting often. Isn’t it tiring? But WebinarJam does that for you, whether it is a one-time meeting or a recurring one you get set up the meeting as per your requirement and moreover.

You can also call for an instantaneous meeting and the software will take care of it for scheduling the meeting for the next moment.

5. Email & SMS Reminder System:

People often forget the meeting after registering for it.

Getting them registered is one thing and making them show up for the meeting is different.

With WebinarJam you can conveniently choose a series of email and SMS reminders so that your registrants never miss out on your event.

Not only this you also get this amazing feature of even giving post-webinar reminders where you can add customized texts for your attendees or anyone who missed the webinar and wants the meeting recording.

6. Panic Button:

This is one of the savior features that the software offers.

Technical glitches are something that cannot be avoided and so you never want your attendees to go off or get disconnected from your meeting.

As a result of the by clicking on the panic button, your meeting gets rebooted and a new live meeting room is set-up within 10-15 seconds where all your attendees are automatically redirected to the new room. Thus it is your backup plan in case of any technical fault.

7. Polls and Surveys:

You would definitely want to know what type of audience you have.

Polls are one of the best ways to know this and so you get to create your own polls and surveys to stay tuned with your audience and know their minds in relation to the meeting content. Thus you can plan your next steps accordingly.

You can also organize quizzes using this feature and thus get real-time results for polls surveys and quizzes.

8. Presentations & Drawing Boards:

Live presentations make things more clear to the audience.

With graphs and pictorials in your presentation, you can make your content more appealing.

The software allows you to easily present, make annotations, and even integrate videos.

The easier it is to understand the content the better is the marketing. At times it is required to provide handouts related to the content in different file formats.

You can easily share different types of files with the attendees and they can easily download them.

9. One-click registrations:

People don’t like going through long registration procedures, Therefore using WebinarJam you can make registrations simple by just allowing people to make single click registrations.

No need of entering the information explicitly anymore as it automatically extracts the required information.

10. Security:

WebinarJam makes your meetings secure by creating password-protected meeting rooms so that no random person breaks into your session thus restricting the access to your meeting.

11. Analytics:

Once the meeting is done then as a host you would definitely like to have meeting analytics.

After the meeting, you get the complete details which include graphs, rating, attendee count, session length, and a lot more.

The analytics also let you know whether your recorded sessions are being heard, what is the total amount you made through your webinar, and even registration to show up the ratio of the attendees.

12. Control Center:

This feature is your management buddy.

When you have a large audience then handling presentation, conducting polls, dealing with the audiences, message, highlighting announcements can be very hectic but with the control center feature you can assign a separate staff to handle all this stuff through the control center so that your webinar goes smoothly

Plans & Pricing

Let’s have a look at the plans and pricing and get to know which plan is best for you:

The WebinarJam has got to offer 3 different types of pricing plans as per your requirements.

1. Basic:

  • This is $499/year plan:
  • Key features of this plan are:
  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Includes 2 Hosts
  • Max duration:2 Hrs

2. Professional:

  • This is a $699/year plan:
  • Key features of this plan are:
  • Unlimited webinars
  • Include 4 hosts
  • 3 hours max duration
  • Always-On live room
  • Panic Button

3. Enterprise:

  • This is a $999/year plan:
  • Key features of this plan are:
  • Unlimited webinars
  • Include 4 hosts
  • 3 hours max duration
  • Always-On live room
  • Panic Button
  • Control Center

Which plan should you choose?

Basic Plan: If you have to conduct meetings for small durations which do not require bulk content to be delivered you can opt for this plan.

This plan is for those who plan to conduct meetings with a lesser number of attendees and as a single host.

Professional Plan: If you conduct webinars or meetings as a professional with a larger number of attendees and require a longer duration then this plan is feasible for you.

Moreover, you get an additional feature of a panic button and always live room as well. So as a professional this is the optimal plan for you.

Enterprise plan: This plan is best suited for those who are on an entrepreneurial level and require bulk marketing and heavy content delivery.

This plan includes all the features of the basic and professional plan and also offers the feature of having up to 5000 attendees and 6 hosts.

You also get to have a control center feature as well. Thus as an entrepreneur, this plan is best for you.

Pros and Cons of WebinarJam


  • Easy to set up since they upgraded to the Jam Room
  • Video injections
  • Offers with links can pop up when you want them to
  • Live chat makes it easy to connect with the attendees
  • Easy to launch
  • Integrates with the other tools
  • Really good at helping to create professional-level webinars.
  • Takes care of a lot of issues for marketing your online events, with notification and tracking.
  • Very competitive price compared to other alternatives.

Cons :

  • Templates are often too “standard” and simple
  • It takes a while to set up a webinar correctly.
  • Templates don’t offer many options for customization without having to build your own
  • Takes a lot of bandwidth

Why you should choose WebinarJam?

One of the best reasons why you should go with WebinarJam is that it overcomes most of the limitations of other similar platforms.

From providing a large number of attendees to single click registrations to built-in templates for meetings WebinarJam has got several features that help you conduct webinars smoothly and interactively.

Apart from overcoming the limitations, it offers various unique features such as panic button, control center, analytics which prove to be super useful when you are conducting a meeting or webinar on a large scale.

Using this software you don’t have to do things manually as sending reminders is automated and at the same time making integrations in between becomes super easy.

At end you do not require to know any rocket science for setting it up as it is extremely simple to set it up.

WebinarJam alternative

Although WebinarJam is one of the best platform for conducting meetings and webinars at the personal professional or entrepreneurial level but we do have some other platforms as well for conducting meetings.

Platforms like Cisco Webex, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Zoho are a few to list that offer many features similar to WebinarJam.


Q. Can I use WebinarJam for small meetings effectively?

Ans. YES! With up to SIX presenters sharing the screen at the same time, conducting pre-scheduled meetings is fast and easy. For “Meetings-on-the-fly”, you can use ExpressJam and be broadcasting in less than 30 seconds. Plus, if your meeting has more than 6 participants, they can listen in and see the meeting, and add contributions via WebinarJam Chat. Plus, with Attendee Spotlight, you can bring non-presenters into the on-air meeting with the click of a mouse.

Q. Can I charge for a webinar?

Ans. Absolutely! You can either offer a webinar for free or for a fee. Read about how to set up a webinar fee here and start cashing in.

Q. Can I add presenters or moderators?

Ans. YES! Bring people from the audience to the stage. You may give anyone in your audience presenter rights or simply allow them to participate in the live session: speak, share their screen, run a PowerPoint presentation, and more. And, once they are done, simply switch their role back to the attendee-only mode

Q. Can I blend screen sharing, web camera, and pre-recorded videos into a single webinar?

Ans. YES! When broadcasting, you can share the desktop of your computer, a single app on your computer, playback multiple videos, or use our Slides in the Cloud feature to run a slideshow presentation. You can also share the signal from your WebCam solo, or while SIMULTANEOUSLY sharing your screen or presentation (commonly known as Picture-in-Picture). There are simple controls in the User Interface that let you switch between display modes

Q. Can I get my “Own Room” that’s always on anytime I want?

Ans. Yes, you can! If you or your company conduct recurring live sessions, you will love our Always-On room feature!  First of all, the URL is branded with your company name, plus the link never changes, so it’s easy to remember and pass around.

Moreover, we reserve the room and keep it open 24/7 for you to log in at any moment’s notice. Nothing to configure, nothing to prepare. Just log into your branded room, click the “Go Live” button, and you’re on the air!


So to summarise I would just say that this software is going to make your life easier when it comes to organizing frequent webinars or marketing your product digitally.

It offers a plethora of features which if you use judiciously can help you do powerful marketing at feasible rates.

Organizing webinars through this software is incredibly easy and that too without making the process tiring and boring.